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A little about me

Growing up in the countryside of Suffolk in the UK, I moved to London for University in 2009. Delving into my English Literature Course, it is here where my appetite for creative writing began. I have always surrounded myself with literature, but I was introduced to an unceasing torrent of diverse literary themes. My initial passion for Shakespeare extended into the realms of poetry and feminist culture, as well as heightening my interest in politics. I understood that knowledge was important and I wanted to surround myself with it. This began my fixation with writing across a variety of subjects and a willingness to always carry on learning.

Kate Stallworthy

New Experiences

As an interactive copywriter, I’ve learnt to throw myself into my work, which means meeting every tight deadline. I am much the same in my life outside of my work. My interchangeable skills mean that I enjoy doing a variation of activities on my weekends. I love to read, which might not come as a surprise! Another passion of mine is walking and exploring cities and countryside in and outside of Amsterdam. Planning trips away and travelling is something I will never be tired of. With my nomadic nature, comes exploring cultures as well as different cuisines. This began my incessant love of cooking, which means my boyfriend is forever on a diet…

    Kate Stallworthy

    Dog Lover

    And now for my other great obsession in my life, my dogs: Archie and Gus! My boyfriend and I got Archie from a rescue shelter in London after my mother passed away. The best distraction, he has become a huge part of our lives, travelling from our London home to set up shop with us here in the Netherlands. We then got Gus as a companion for him as he gets older and now they're inseparable.

      Based in Amsterdam

      I live in Amsterdam now with my partner and our dogs. I have fallen in love with this City as it is very close to my heart as my mother grew up here. She sadly passed away from cancer, but I feel an incredible closeness to her in Amsterdam.

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